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Phoenix HP22A Deluxe Range Kit
Short Barrel
Long Barrel

Phoenix Arms HP-22A Deluxe Range Kit


The Phoenix Arms HP-22A may look like a cheap little junk gun. Don't be fooled.

It's actually a cheap little gun that works.

No, it doesn't have "class." What it does have is a very small size.

It has numerous safety devices.

The HP-22A's low cost combines with the low cost of the .22 Long Rifle ammo to make it the most affordable entry portal to recreational handgun shooting.

A lot of people will buy a Phoenix Arms HP-22A who may never buy a more expensive pistol. They will learn to shoot. They will learn gun safety.

Some will go on to more expensive guns. Their lives will be better and safer for it.

Each time this happens, at least one more person will become a gun owner

and have a stake in gun owners' civil rights.

Sounds like a great buy to me!

The HP-22A Deluxe Range Kit comes with everything you see here.

  • 3” interchangeable barrel
  • 5” interchangeable barrel
  • 2 ten round magazines
  • locking device w/keys
  • cleaning kit
  • ear plugs
  • shoulder patch
  • owners manual
  • locking hard case

Manufactures Lifetime Warranty

Please email for availability as this item may be out of stock.

PRICE: $192.00 plus shipping and handling 
Specify Black or Silver when ordering

I am an FFL and it will be $35.00 shipping and handling and insurance to ship to your local FFL anywhere in the lower 48. Not for sale where prohibited by law. Know your Federal, State, and Local laws . You may check with your local LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) for any local restrictions.

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