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Snap and Pull

Snap-N-Pull™ Quick Barrel Cleaning System
snap and pull


Part # Description MSRP

63002 .22-.243 cal $28.49

63004 .270-.30 cal $28.49

63006 9mm/.38 cal-.45 cal $28.49


63008 Shotgun 10/12/20 GA $28.49

OUR PRICE ONLY  $19.95 Plus shipping and handling by USPS Priority Mail.

The Snap-N-Pull™ Quick Barrel Cleaning System brings shooters a new way to quickly clean firearms of all calibers and gauges. The days of using multiple rods and adaptors for different firearms are gone. Simply attach your mop or brush in the preferred caliber to the cable and pull it through the barrel. With the Snap-N-Pull System and the Snap-Lock™ adaptor, you can easily clean all your guns more efficiently and effectively. This kit is also housed in a soft case that is just right for easy packing and transport.

Please email for availability as this item may be out of  stock.

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